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Veritor Influenza A&B Test Kit

Veritor Influenza A&B Test Kit
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Price: $549.99
Product ID : 256045
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The BD Veritor System for Rapid Detection of Flu A + B effectively tests fresh nasal and nasopharyngeal swab samples. The system is used in hospitals and clinics to aid in a fast and proper diagnosis of influenza A and B viral infections. The system has been tested with 8 human influenza viral strains to conclude all strains were successfully detected. Patients can receive test results within 10 minutes. Those who test positive using the BD Veritor Flu Test will receive intervention by physician administering an antiviral agent within the first 48 hours.

BD 256045 Veritor Flu Detection System for use with a Veritor System Reader comes with 30 tests. The kit contains 30 foil pouches with reactive strip with an antibody specific to either the influenza A or B viral antigen. The kit also supplies 30 reagent tubes, 30 swabs for nasal collection and two Control swabs.

Features and Benefits:

  • Test Results within 10 Minutes
  • Effective Test Results
  • Patient Testing Positive Can Receive Antiviral Agent
  • Easy Swab Sample Test

Product Specifications:

  • Manufacturer: BD Becton Dickinson
  • Product Number: 256045
  • Brand: Veritor
  • Quantity: Box of 30 Tests
  • CLIA Classification: CLIA Waived
  • Reading Type: Use with the Veritor System Reader 256051
  • Test Results Timing: 10 Minutes
  • Application: Rapid Diagnostic Test of Influenza A + B