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Pen Needles 32G x 4mm

Pen Needles 32G x 4mm
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Box of 100 $14.99
Case 12 Boxes of 100 $149.99


The Dynarex Pen Needles are sterile, latex-free, non-toxic and non-pyrogenic. Designed to be used simultaneously with injection pens, the Pen Needles transport injectable medications into the body making it an awesome choice for both health professionals and patients. The Pen Needles are classified in HCPCS Codes: 7026-7028 A4215.

Size 32G x 4mm

Compatible with the following insulin pens:

  • Autopen®
  • BD pen
  • FlexPen®
  • NovoPen® / NovoLet® / InnoLet®
  • HumaPen Ergo®
  • HumaPen® Luxura™ /
  • HumaPen® Memoir™
  • KwikPen™
  • Solostar®
  • SymlinPen®
  • BerliPen®
  • Omnican Pen®
  • OptiClik™
  • OptiPen® / OptiSet®
    100 Per Box

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