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Aluminum Interspaced Grids 103L 10:1 34-44"

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8 x 10" $249.99 #41063
10 x 12" $279.99 #41065
11 x 14" $299.99 #41066
14 x 17" $469.99 #41068


Wolf ULTRA-THIN 103 line Aluminum Interspaced Grids A grid used to remove scattered X-rays which is placed between the patient and the X-ray detector. In this grid, the X-ray opaque strips are so thin and so close together that the grid can remain stationary without the shadows of the strips being sufficiently visible to interfere with the image detail of the film.

Grid Specifications: 103L 10:1 Aluminum Interspaced with a focal range of 34-44"

Available in 4 sizes

6 Month Manufacturer Warranty