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Rarex Blue 800 Speed Screens

Rarex Blue 800 Speed Screens
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8 x 10" $129.99 #10728
10 x 12" $189.99 #10730
11 x 14" $289.99 #10731
14 x 17" $319.99 #10733
24 x 30cm $189.99 #10769
14 x 36" $699.99 #10734


Rarex Blue III 800 Speed Screens

The active x-ray phosphor component of Rare Earth Blue screens is comprised of barium fluorobromide. This x-ray phosphor emits light in the blue and ultra violet portions of the light spectrum. The construction of these screens is specially designed to maximize useful life and minimize damage due to moisture and other common contaminants that may come in contact with the screen surface.

This blue emitting rare earth screen has a relative system speed of 800 when used with full speed blue sensitive film. This combination is generally recommended for conditions where dosage reduction and “penetration” is of primary importance (e.g. lateral lumbar studies). When used with a half speed blue sensitive film the relative system speed is 400. This combination is recommended for general radiography.

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